Our Dance Troupe in the County Art Show

An art show was taking place in the County Theatre of Ninghai on May 19th this month. Our dance troupe had been busy preparing for the show for 2 months, and their effort had been 100% paid off.


Yue Opera “The Seven Fairies” by our Dance Troupe


May 19th is the China Tourism Day which was originated in Ninghai County. In order to celebrate the holiday, our local government had organised this art show and invited over twenty enterprises and local artists to participate in with various art performances.

We, as a former participant from last year, had also shared our joy in the show. It turned out to be amazing!

The dance troupe formed with 7 workers right from our workshop, had given a stunning Yue Opera titled as “The Seven Fairies”, one of the most popular traditional plays among Yue Opera.

The troupe leader Mrs Luo said, “It’s a very meaningful activity which gives chances for enterprises to make their employees’ lives more colorful. I’m proud to be able to take part in this show, and am really appreciating all the supports from the audiences.”


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Post time: May-30-2018
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