62 PCS جهانی کیت تمیز کننده GCK-62

62 PCS جهانی کیت تمیز کننده GCK-62

  • Min.Order تعداد: 1000
  • توانایی تامین: 100000 قطعه / قطعه در هر ماه
  • بندر: NINGBO
  • شرایط پرداخت: L / C، T / T، کارت اعتباری
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    مورد: 62 PCS کیت جهانی تمیز کردن

    مورد: GCK-62

    فهرست مطالب:
    6 * میله های برنجی
    14 برس * برنز: 243، 22، 45، 40، 357، 12، 20، 54، 50، 410، 30، 270، 17، 20
    9 * مبس: 12، 20، 50، 410، 357، 22، 40، 30، 17
    13 * خار پلاستیکی (خار برنج برای جایگزین): 17، 22، 9، 25، 270، 30، 338، 35، 375، 40، 44، 45، 50
    4 * های پلاستیکی راهنمایی چاک دار (برنج راهنمایی برای جایگزین چاک دار): 12، 22، 30، 410
    1 * 50 تمیز کردن تکه های
    1 * 25 تمیز کردن تکه های
    4 * پرداخت پارچه
    3 * نگهبانان پوزه پلاستیکی
    3 * آداپتورهای برنجی
    3 * های پلاستیکی به کار گرفته برس: نایلون، فولاد، برنج

    بسته بندی: ضربه مورد تولیدات

    رنگ مورد: سیاه و سفید / آبی / قرمز / سبز


    Our Factory

    our factory



    Services We Offer

    services we offer

    Packing & Delivery




    پرسش و پاسخ

    1. Where is your factory? And when did you start your factory?

    Our factory is located in Ningbo, the east port city in China. We started it from Year 2006.


    2. What is the minimum order quantity?

    Generally it’s 500 kits/pieces. But it changes among products. Please send a message for more details.


    3. What is the lead time?

    For the first order, especially those with customized packages, it would take 50-60 days to complete the goods.

    For reorders, however, it usually takes 30 days. Please keep it in mind the lead time is always flexable. Please feel free to drop a message when you need the goods urgently. We will do our best to meet your needs.


    4. Are you doing package design?

    We usually let our customers do the design on their own. Though we accept simple package designs.


    5. What is the payment terms?

    Usually it’s 30% as deposit before mass production, and 70% dealt before shipment. Please drop a message if you feel difficult on it, to see if we can make a little bit change.

    We accept payment with T/T and credit card. Currently we don’t have a paypal account. We can also do the orders via alibaba if a third party makes you feel more satisfied.


    6. Where is your main market?

    Since we are mostly doing gun relating products. North America ranks as our top market. And also, we have many customers from Russia, west Europe and Middle East countries.


    7. Can I have free samples?

    Yes, we will be glad to send you a free sample if we happen to have it in stock. We don’t pay for the express though.

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